Tattoo Care
Preparation before getting tattoo & How to take care your tattoo

Preparation.....before tattoo 

Beautiful tattoo need a good skin.

If you want a great one or color full tattoo you have to take care of your skin. 

Easy way.....You just daub often moisturizer. Skin need moisturizer. 

Important ! Don't get sun burn before tattoo. Because when your skin is healed color will drop.


Tattoo Care...

 1.Clean your tattoo with warm water or saline solution for 3  day.

 2.You can shower normally But " No soap,No shampoo on your tattoo" .

 3.For the big tattoo No soap,No shampoo,No sea,No swimming pool,No sauna and  Stay out of  sun for a week.

 4.Daub a tiny bit cream on your tattoo 2 times/day for 3 days. (We have the special cream for  you)

 5.After 3 days stop our cream. Star moisturizer for 4 weeks (Can be more). 

 6.Do not pick or scratch tattoo.

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